Sit back and enjoy a well-earned rest and the memories that come from gathering around the rustic Karoo Fire Pit. The extra deep bowl design allows logs to slide down the center of the bowl towards the flames making for a more enjoyable, maintenance-free fire.


It's great to have options!! Order the Karoo with our New 30" Cooking Grill! 


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Karoo Fire Pit

SKU: DM-3840
PriceFrom $425.00
  • The artistically rustic oxide patina finish on this heavy-duty cast iron pit will develop even more over time and take on the appeal of a worn and memory-filled piece as you use it. The heavy-duty cast iron design means it will last a lifetime with minimal upkeep.


    • Heavy duty cast iron construction
    • Extra Large and deep fire bowl
    • Rustic oxide patina finish

    Dims: 28" Dia. x 17" H

    Weight: 116 lbs.

    Consider adding the cooking grate which will make this product multi-functional!

    You can have the perfect camp out experience in your own backyard. Just place this grill over your Karoo fire. It's always fun to cookout! 
    It doesn't have to be fancy; some hot dogs and corn on the cob!  This grill is made of sturdy steel and comes with two strong handles. 

    It  cannot be sold separately.  So take the opportunity to get this uniquely cooking grill with your Karoo today!